As easy as ABC?

This site has been arranged in order to make visitor navigation as simple as possible whilst maximizing useful content. We hope it’s as easy as A, B, C – About, Booking and Contact – plus ‘D’ for Directory of walking trips and a few extras listed below…

No shopping basket

Whilst we would love you to purchase multiple holidays for the next five years for both yourself, family and colleagues, common sense and experience informs us that you are likely to contact us before purchasing your ‘big ticket’ item, purchase just one holiday and most probably require some personalisation – i.e., no shopping cart.

Simply pick up the phone, Chat in real-time online or drop us an email to register your interest and we’ll take it from there. A multitude of ways to Contact Us. Simple!

Booking and Payment

Once again, this is simplified so that you do not have to fill in endless on-line categories only to get to the final send button and nothing happens – and by the time you’ve responded your half hour’s effort has ‘timed out’ – grrr!

We will email you direct with all you need in order to book your hiking tour. With on-line fraud growing by the day, and authorities seemingly helpless, incompetent or oblivious in the face of more and more site hackings that leak sensitive customer information, we have chosen NOT to give cyber criminals any reason to hack our site by our decision not to accept on-line payments. When we started out in business ten years ago, we were hacked on average seven time a year. Thankfully it all stopped once we terminated on-line payments. Simply visit Booking. We will email you direct our payment details.

Site navigation

You have three major Home Page categories from which you can choose when searching for your perfect walking holiday in France based on the level of challenge: Light, Moderate or Harder. We have colour coded them throughout the site so you know which level the tour is aimed at when landing on an individual trip page.

These tours are one week’s length or more; so if you are looking for shorter, 4-night offerings, simply click on the fourth Home Page category – Short walks in France.

The remaining two Home Page ‘silos’ or channels will take you to either a plethora of good advice on Hiking in France or suggestions and background information on multifarious aspects of Walking in France at France self-guided trips, trails, themes…

That’s the Wrap!