Walking Holidays in France


Light walks

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Moderate walks

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Harder walks

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Walking Holidays in France: Hiking Le Puy to Conques in Comfort

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Le Puy to Conques in Comfort


Short walks in France

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Walking Holidays in France: Walking the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail from Pont de Montvert

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The Robert Louis Stevenson Trail


Hiking in France, walking in France

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Walking Holidays in France: Tour du Mont Blanc in Comfort with Mont Blanc behind hiker

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Tour du Mont Blanc in Comfort


France self guided walking

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Walking Holidays in France: Loire Chateaux Walks

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Loire Chateaux Walks

Walking Holidays in France: Tarn Gorges Walking

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Tarn Gorges Walking

Walking Holidays in France: Walking in Cantal

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Walking in Cantal

Walking Holidays in France is both our corporate name and passion, The Enlightened Traveller® our brand and objective. Our complete focus on self-guided walking holidays in France gives us a corporate competency and ‘savoir faire’ that you, an enlightened travel(l)er, can rely on. Benefit from purchasing direct from us, the tour providers; get local support when you need it, including evenings and weekends; and add value by personalizing your holiday. All tours are self-guided and ideal for independent travelers walking alone, with family or friends.

Whatever your preference for self-guided walking holidays in France, be it long distance trails or short walking tours, Light, Moderate or Harder challenges, we’ve got it covered. You will find much here to arouse your passions; and whether seasoned hiker, cautious beginner or somewhere in between, you are empowered by our comprehensive walking notes, enlightened by the insightful tour dossier and relaxed in

the knowledge that we are there if you need us, discreetly in the background, and move your luggage onto your next hotel. Our self-guided walking holidays in France appeal to a broad spectrum of tastes. Each is an adventure enabling you to discover parts of France that few get to see. You delight in each day’s on foot journey as well as your overnight resting place – and appreciate that pleasure is commensurate with personal engagement.

Our dossier sets the scene and your inquisitiveness is handsomely rewarded. You return home a more enlightened individual, where your learning curve continues with further reading; whilst your future walking holidays in France start from a higher level of understanding – you follow your instincts and interests and let your feet go with the flow. We call it the ‘walking dialectic,’ which complements and reinforces your own, personal walk-life balance. The Enlightened Traveller® is synonymous with edifying self-guided walking holidays in France.

Delighting mind, body and sole!”

- The Enlightened Traveller®