Climbing out of the Tarn valley at Pont de Montvert - The Stevenson Trail France

Reflections on The Stevenson Trail It’s taken us 13 hard years of blood, sweat (but no tears) to become The Times recommended tour operator for your Stevenson Trail journey. A member of The Enlightened Traveller team first walked the 252 kilometres of The Stevenson Trail as part of its 130th anniversary celebrations in 2008. Here …

Aigueze on Walking Provence West - Walks in France

Multi-centre walking in France involves day walks linked together from two or three bases. You thus walk for the best part of the day and enjoy an optimum mix of inn-to-inn and circular walks.

Multi-centre walking in France provides the benefit of not having to change hotels every night. Some hikers love the challenge and routine of getting up early, meticulously organizing that backpack and then moving on to pastures new. Others don’t, and these pages are for you others.

Two running - La Grande Motte: The Good Life

Grande Motte boasts 385 hectares of lawn and green space, over 43,000 trees, and 20 kilometres of pedestrianised pathways and trails that criss-cross and interconnect squares, avenues, seafront and port. Constructed with the good life in mind, it is not just a place to hang out in the summer, but a vibrant all-year-round town, boasting …

The Chamborigaud viaduct - Walking Cevennes by Rail

The Cévennes railway or ‘Le Cévenol’ links the cities of Nîmes (Gard) and Clermont Ferrand (Puy de Dôme) and has been in existence since 1870. It took six years to build and cost a staggering 520 million francs. Whether you are an avid train buff or simply a Francophile hiker in search of original walking holidays in France, this train journey is guaranteed to set your mind racing and heart pumping.

The “French Texas”

Camargue is a triangular territory or delta bounded by the two branches of The Rhone (Grand and Petit Rhone) and The Mediterranean Sea – Western Europe’s largest river delta, covering an area of over 930 km² (360 sq. miles).

Camargue has three recognizable sectors:

Rock outcrop near Pont de Montvert - Hillwalking in Cevennes

iii) Hillwalking in Cevennes helps you visualise man’s struggle to master nature – dams, irrigated terraces and aqueducts are testimony to the structuring of the environment to both protect from the ravages of water and capture it for our needs. Hillwalking in Cevennes – Tour Itinerary [Times, distances and elevations are approximate.] and hotel check-in. …

Zigzag trail near Aumont Aubrac - Great Taste of Camino Frances

Great Taste of Camino Frances 2024 Great Taste of Camino Frances offers these essential ingredients for the perfect hiking feast: an opportunity to enjoy the best of what the Way of St James has to offer in two accommodation-led formats to suit your preference. What differentiates this trip from other ‘Camino’ tours is the emphasis …

Refuge du Truc - Mont Blanc hiking tour

Mont Blanc hiking tour 2024 – Southern Half We have dissected this half of Le Tour into the most practicable stages possible. Once again, our aim is to get away from ‘Les Crowds’ by not starting in Les Houches. Moreover, we cut out the avoidable pain of the monotonous climb on tarmac and ski slope …