Advantages we offer for Hiking in France

  • A superior experience – based on a fusion of in-country and local knowledge with business competency. You benefit from our singular focus on walking in France delivered by qualified and bi-lingual, French-trained hiking professionals/middle-mountain guides.

  • Buy direct and get the keenest prices – we do not sell through wholesaler web-sites and do not buy ready-made tours from French suppliers. We are responsible for delivering everything we offer ourselves, so you can expect us to know about every aspect of the tour that interests you – give us a call and put us to the test!

  • Creature comforts – enjoy carefully-selected and comfortable accommodations with private rooms [no dormitories] and wholesome ‘produits du terroir.’

  • Customer led – we can personalize our walking tours in France to suit your particular needs and objectives. We would prefer not take your money rather than risk negative feedback!

  • Advantages we offer: Empowerment

  • Empowerment – orientation is made simple via our industry-leading Hiking Insight Notes™, enhancing your control over, and enjoyment of, your hiking trip.

  • Flexibility – choose from light, moderate and quite-challenging /challenging hikes. Some tours allow for you to choose between different challenge levels on the day according to how you feel and adding rest days or reducing the days length are optional – please ask our advice as we are here to help.

  • Greater choice – short or longer stay; flexible arrival dates; all-inclusive transport, from tour start to finishing point; excellent availability; city, coast and countryside locations; inn-to-inn, multi-centre or single-centre tour options; donkey trekking and rail-hike tours.

  • Inclusive approach – ‘Hiking for All’ is one of our mottos, from light hikes to challenging treks; and for couples, families, singles and small groups – not to forget ‘vegetarians’ and the eco-led!

  • Advantages we offer: Originality

  • Originality – many of our tours have been developed by ourselves ‘in-house’ based on years of local knowledge and experience. Even the trails that are well known are given our own distinct flavour or our inimitable family stamp – very often in terms of the accommodation-led nature of our offers.

  • Advantages we offer: Themed walking tours

  • Themed walking tours are our specialty – i.e., there is a strong reason why we have chosen to select a particular tour in our portfolio, and many other trails are simply ignored because they fail to meet the high standards we set when selecting opportunities. Follow your own interests when selecting from our walking holidays in France.

  • Value for money – get more than what you expect or pay for. We add value and always aim to exceed expectations. We are open seven days a week from early morning to late at night [French business hours s’ils vous plait!] to be available for you if you need us.

  • Your Money is Safe – Peace of mind as you book in the knowledge that we are a fully-bonded tour operator: buyer beware of those who are not!

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