Sydney Morning Herald recommends The Enlightened Traveller

Sydney Morning Herald recommends The Enlightened Traveller, recommending us as the first-choice tour operator for walking The Robert Louis Stevenson Trail in Cevennes, France.

The Enlightened Traveller is morally opposed to giving journalists a free tour in order to generate positive copy and endorsements – there’s no such thing as a free lunch! However, when a respected writer provides an independent testimonial about our tours, we are delighted to bring it to the attention of existing and future customers.

When Sydney Morning Herald recommends The Enlightened Traveller it is, of course, cause for celebration. We simply reproduce below the part pertinent to ourselves, as the article dealt with ten worldwide adventures. Moreover, we have chosen NOT to link through to the Sydney Morning Herald itself: those savvy or budding webmasters out there will already know that one-way incoming links are worth much more to a company’s reputation than a mutual exchange of links.

However, you can visit the original article yourself by copying and pasting in this link into your browser:

Alternatively, the article has also been reproduced on this Australian site called The Traveller and can be read by clicking HERE.

Happy reading, enjoy the site and please join us in The Hexagon on whatever tour that takes your fancy!

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