About The Enlightened Traveller®

The Enlightened Traveller® is the brand name of Walking Holidays in France Ltd, a fully-bonded tour operator registered in the UK. We have been in business since 2006.

The Enlightened Traveller’s mission is to continually delight our enlightened clientele via an original and innovative range of self-guided walking holidays in France. We walk mainly in Auvergne, Cevennes, Haute Savoire [the Alps], Languedoc and Midi-Pyrenees (together now known as Occitanie), Provence and along the Loire Valley.

About The Enlightened Traveller® – more than just a good walk

At The Enlightened Traveller®, we believe walking should give you a physical workout and a mental and spiritual ‘buzz.’ It is a source of active learning, recreation and regeneration and we aim to help you find that all-important walk-life balance.

We are an Anglo-French family-run business that straddles La Manche/The English Channel, and employs family-members only. You can rely on us because family live and breath the business like no paid employee can. Walking is not just our job – it’s a vocation.

About The Enlightened Traveller® – Focussed expertise

We believe there is no better place to hike than in France, as few other destinations offer the breadth of walking experience that The Hexagon has. So we have no plans to offer you trips in Portugal and Spain – although we speak both languages and love both countries.

The odd trip may take you across an international frontier, as is the case with the Tour du Mont Blanc – the only tour we offer that starts outside of France and takes you into Switzerland as well.

We understand the needs of enlightened travel[l]ers and are here to help, whilst you benefit from our French experience, expertise and focus. We are also French-qualified, middle mountain guides, giving us a competency in which you can have complete confidence.

We have chosen not to offer guided tours for many reasons, but let our industry-leading walking notes be your guide – we have never lost anyone yet and aim to keep our perfect record.

We treat you, our enlightened customer, as an honoured guest, not a statistic. This personalised approach pervades everything that we do. We are fortunate enough to see France at its best and we want you to enjoy the same authentic and intense experience as we do. In a sense, we aim to welcome you into our family.

We live a healthy lifestyle and encourage others to do the same and reap the benefits. Our approach is holistic and focused, not global. We live and work in one part of the world that we know and care for. Our Enlightenment owes nothing to religion, everything to human understanding resulting from having travelled worldwide and enjoyed what is authentic and different. Vive la difference!

About The Enlightened Traveller® – Open all hours

All of our hiking tours comprise emergency phone support. You have a 7-day-a-week hotline to the Operations’ Director, from 8 till late. Feedback is actively gathered in order that we can continually improve what we do for the benefit of future customers.

About The Enlightened Traveller® – a Brand you can Trust

When booking with us, your money is safe irrespective of your method of payment. Your reservation is thus safer than booking with ABTA or ATOL members. To find out more, see: Our Guarantee.

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