multi-centre walking in France - LGM

La Grande Motte: The Good Life LGM-Golf: Model Programme. by taxi from either Montpellier [SNCF/airport] or Aigues-Mortes [the finish of our Hiking in Camargue tour]. Take a dip in the open-air pool and acquaint yourself with the contiguous golf course. – breakfast and onward journey by taxi to Montpellier. Bon retour et a la prochain! …

Hiking Cevennes Heaven

Hiking Cevennes Heaven Hiking Cevennes Heaven comprises a high standard of accommodation and three full-day walks, with the option to shorten the second [middle] day to the morning only. The last day has you sampling the final stage of the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail, which you will hopefully come back to walk in the future. …

Walk the final section of the St Giles Way through Roman vineyards to St-Gilles-du-Gard, from where the first crusaders departed to the Holy Land. Then continue across costiere and along the Compostella ‘Arles Route’ and canal to the subsequent crusader port, the walled cité of Aigues-Mortes. Rarely has such a gentle walking holiday given up so much history!”

Three of the finest days’ walking anywhere in Europe and certainly in the Alps, along the Mont Blanc trail from Argentiere to Les Contamines with options on two days to suit your preferences on the day.

Camino Solo GR65

Camino Solo® GR65, is the quintessential solo hiker’s dream tour, affording you the chance to meet other unaccompanied travellers from all over the world along the sacred stones of the French Compostella trails. If your aim is to escape the confines of your current life and meet other free spirits, then this adventure is a must.

Fine walks in the Alps

Walks in the Alps features the easiest three days of walks in the Alps along the mythical Tour du Mont Blanc route. This is a mini-immersion tour for those who simply want to sample a segment of this world-famous hiking route without the endurance and sacrifice associated with completing the whole, or even half, of this magical alpine challenge.

Very Best of Stevenson

Very Best of Stevenson Trail brings you the three most challenging days of the Robert Louis Stevenson trail France (GR70) – a sumptuous and unforgettable 45-mile/72-km trek into the heart of Cevennes. We grade this tour as ‘harder’ simply because you need to hit the ground running as there is no warm-up or lighter day to commence with. However, the challenge is largely in the length of two of the days rather than a question of tough ascents or descents.

Best of Stevenson Trail

Best of Stevenson Trail brings you the highlights of the Robert Louis Stevenson trail France – that’s 85 miles/140 kms of fine French trails spread over six sumptuous days of hiking. What do you miss? Some arguably monotonous forestry sections, around a day’s walking on tarmac and the ‘Mimente Valley railway’ section. If you are keen NOT to miss this last bit, we can easily add an extra night in Cassagnas.

Trails of the French Garrigues

Trails of the French Garrigues is a delightful introduction to the life and times of one of southern France’s most enduring of attractions: its Mediterranean lowland. It is a journey across undulating and picturesque terrain from Ales, at the foothills of the Cevennes mountains, to Moussac, a typical hill-top village along the Gardon Valley, half-way between ‘Cevenol Ales’ and Gallo-Roman Nimes.

Walks in Provence

Walks in Provence transposes you to a part of Provence that is delightfully undisturbed and under-discovered. The Ceze Valley offers some fine walking opportunities, from it’s source near Villefort on the eastern Cevennes to where it flows into the Rhone near Bagnols sure Ceze, and this middle section is no exception.