Two ladies walking the Balcon du Sud - Walking Mont Blanc [mini-TMB tour] 2022

Walking Mont Blanc [mini-TMB tour] is your chance to enjoy the best half of “Le Tour Classique” in a one-week format – viz., half the effort, but most of the highlights from the Tour du Mont Blanc. Feel empowered to walk this mythical route by our mini-tour for those who don’t feel the need to walk the whole of the circuit or simply cannot walk for 11 days at a time due to physical or time constraints.

Pradelles belvedere - Stevenson Trail France EXTRA

Stevenson Trail France EXTRA is your chance to enjoy the classic Stevenson Trail in a light-to-moderate format, cutting all but one of its longest days in half. Enjoy more time and even lunches are included!

Lost village - Hiking the Upper Cèze Valley

Hiking the Upper Cèze Valley comprises the three most challenging days of our Walking Cezarenque tour. You are thus transferred straight into the thick of things without any introductory warm-up – thus our decision to rank this short tour as moderately challenging. So the ascents and descents are simply more compressed, as you hike in the Upper Cèze Valley, not far from the source of the river itself and on the eastern flank of the Cevennes hills.

Courry - Walking Cèzarenque

Walking Cèzarenque is a moderate walking tour in the area in and around the Upper Cèze Valley. Nestled between the eastern flank of the Cevennes and Ardèche, this beautiful countryside is both unspoiled and under-explored.

Lunchtime for a woman and her donkey - Donkey trekking Stevenson

Donkey trekking Stevenson is quintessentially green, modern and yet retro. So leave your car or camper van at home and enjoy a walking holiday that reduces your carbon footprint to an absolute minimum. It’s also light on your back, as the donkey carries your luggage and backpack – subject to a maximum 30 kgs per mule. Hey, this is an animal-friendly experience as well!

Man above Breche Roland - Walking in Cantal - Walks in France - Harder

Walking in Cantal takes you to the Auvergne region and the heart of the Massif Central. You walk Europe’s largest extinct volcano and the enchanting summits, ridges and valleys that constitute this walkers’ paradise. In the process you climb the region’s highest peaks or ‘puys’, the original ‘chimneys’ of the volcano, which include Plomb du Cantal (at 6084 feet/1855 metres) and the emblematic Puy Mary.

Aigues-Mortes : Saint-Giles Pilgrimage

Saint-Giles Pilgrimage takes you along the southern section of the Hexagon’s very own medieval pilgrimage trail. Recently-resuscitated and labeled the GR 700, it is a leisurely, 70-mile/103-km walk across a scenic and undulating lowland trail. You follow an ancient Roman path along the Gardon Valley, through classic Mediterranean Garrigues countryside, traverse a series of charming villages on route and stay in the best of stone-built hotels and chambres d’hotes.

Chapel overlooking Lake Villefort - St Giles Way

St Giles Way – Part One brings you the first section of the Hexagon’s own and long overlooked pilgrimage trail. Recently resuscitated after a lifetime’s research by one Frenchman, Marcel Girault, the trail is a distance of around 95 miles or 152 kms, offering seven days of excellent hiking from Le Puy-en-Velay to Alès and traversing the Massif Central and Eastern Cevennes.

Menhir on Causse Mejean - Tarn Gorge walking

Tarn Gorges Walking is a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive and holistic appreciation of Les Gorges du Tarn in their wider geological context, incorporating the equally-impressive Jonte Gorges and the contiguous limestone plateaus of Causses Méjean and Sauveterre. Moreover, it’s arguably the most varied walking you’ll get anywhere in France: arid and undulating limestone roof-top, fascinating narrow gorge ledges and meandering valley-bottom trails. In other words, you get the whole cake and not just the icing.